Our Philosophy

Founded in 1920, the Kattan Group is a family-owned company that has had a leading presence in the economic, political, and social development of Honduras. Traditionally, we have been dedicated to manufacturing apparel for export, and have now diversified into other industries such as real estate, telecommunications, motorcycle and spare parts distribution, energy, plastic manufacturing, and metal transformation.

How will we survive the test of time?

When establishing our leadership we asked ourselves this question, and found an answer focusing on two key aspects:

The Client

In our one hundred years of experience, we have placed our clients’ trust at the heart of each negotiation. Due to this commitment, we have obtained your preference, and we have established ourselves as one of the region’s leading companies.


No business is viable without the right people in their ideal positions; those who with their experience, dedication, and passion add priceless value to each step we take.

At Kattan Group, we currently count on the collaboration of more than ten thousand people who are all key players to our success. This is why we always strive to find ways to demonstrate how valuable their contributions are to us.



Complete access to information through comprehensive rules with fully disclosed communication procedures.


We put our hearts into everything we do


Generation of profitability and resources for all our associates.


We are an experienced, diverse, and dynamic business group which promotes investments in profitable and socially responsible companies.


To become a leading business group at the Central American level with a dedication to social responsibility and creation of value for our shareholders, collaborators and clients.