Our start in the garment manufacturing industry took place in 1920, when Mr. Jacobo D. Kattan established the “Camisería Sampedrana.” At that time, it was merely a small factory that produced shirts, work pants, and male undergarments.

In order to provide the highest quality in each article manufactured and to consistently offer new options for our clients, Kattan Group has engaged in a wide array of commercial alliances. These have allowed us to grow and distribute our products to other countries of the region.


Our dream of becoming one of the main apparel distributors of the region incited us to make the decision of developing two manufacturing plants in Honduras: Protexsa & Monzini.

The quality, deliverability, and manufacturing scale that we offer has been recognized by many reputable companies that produce their brands through us. In the area of shirts and woven-knit uniforms, we are dedicated to providing continuous support for our clients in every step of the process. Therefore, we have become a trusted partner for every businessman, designer, and entrepreneur that seeks high-quality products and service.

Kattan Group has become a reliable ally for several business owners, designers, and entrepreneurs who seek high quality garments as well as guidance and design input throughout the manufacturing process.

Why choose us?


  • Quality and scale of production

  • Proximity to the United States

  • Efficient order processing times

  • Honduras is a member of CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement)


Productos Textiles S.A. de C.V. (Protexsa) is a manufacturing plant focused on the fabrication of shirts and uniforms for men and women.

We also specialize in fast delivery and restocking programs. We are located in Northern Honduras, specifically in the city of Choloma, department of Cortes.

We offer full package and cutting services, as well as support from highly experienced staff in product development, purchasing, logistics, quality, customer service, and production.


Monzini is located in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, and is dedicated to the manufacture of high-end clothing and special brands.

We also offer single layer cutting, small orders, customized shirts, fabric storage, raw material inventory management, “wrinkle free” oven, and temperature-controlled storage space.

Dress Shirts
Garments MTM (Made To Measure)
Work Shirts
Sports Shirts
Woven Shirts



We provide advice throughout the entire manufacturing process, from the design to the exportation of the finished garment.


We are the ideal partner for designers and entrepreneurs who want to create private collections. We offer specialized labor and high-quality garments to supply your needs.




A platform that aims to connect manufacturers of various products with small, medium, and large chain stores that are interested in selling custom, made to measure products under their own brands.

For example, to design a shirt, the platform offers more than 15 parameters for customization, 200 different fabrics, several types of necklines, cuffs, a variety of thread colors, types of buttons, embroidery, among others.

We have perfected the analysis of all the elements that go into making a garment, and we have placed them in this digital platform to make our customers feel as if they have a virtual haute couture tailor at affordable prices.

Another advantage of this platform is that in a matter of weeks, providers can supply products made to order from their website visitors with little interruption or cost.



Our goal is to manufacture custom-made shirts without compromising comfort, construction, or fit.

How do we do it? Our client simply needs to provide us with some details about themselves and our advanced algorithm will predict the correct measurements for their new shirt with a 99% accuracy. In this way, they can rest assured that their shirt will be the appropriate one for them.

Wellcut also has a wide range of elegant and classic shirts that can be shipped immediately. If you find a shirt off the shelf of your liking, you can select a fit and customize your order. In addition, we have hundreds of unique and special fabrics, which means we can satisfy tastes of a diverse clientele.


Kattan Apparel Division (KAD) is part of the Kattan Group, and throughout more than 50 years, has demonstrated keen interest in being part of other companies’ growth through the production of uniforms.

Through our manufacturing, we aim at making our collaborators feel confident with the brand they represent, and that this be evident in the quality of their attire.

KAD goes above and beyond manufacturing uniforms. We make our designs of the Van Heusen brand available to other companies, garments with modern and comfortable styles that fit perfectly to modern day demands.

Our purpose is to dress you for life, regardless of who you are, what you do, or where you are.

We offer the business sector a wide range of garments made with advanced technology in fabrics and manufacturing: stainless technology, wrinkle free, and Evercooler (keeps you fresh regardless of the temperature).

We believe that well-fitting clothes have a direct impact on your personal and professional self-esteem, and can help project a confident and successful image.



Kattan Apparel Division is a licensee of the Van Heusen brand for Central America and Colombia. Thanks to this alliance, we have been entrusted with the opportunity to manufacture apparel for the most famous brands of Phillip Van Heusen: Van Heusen, Calvin Klein, and Izod.

The technical and administrative knowledge necessary to standardize and make each product in accordance to international market requirements has been shared with us.

We currently have 12 stores, but we are suppliers to other establishments in Honduras and other countries.


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